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Valves let you to control the rate of the flow of water to a waterfall, sluice to a drain, or close down for repairs or maintenance. Well placed valves can make your waterfall more enjoyable and easier for regulation.   Float valve Float valve automatically controls the level of water in your basin. Once attached to a water system and installed at the edge, the valve will prevent leakage of water. Can be hidden under edge or plants. It wo ...

Selecting A Site For Backyard Waterfall

by @ Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010. Filed under General, Selecting a Site

Backyard waterfall project is now within your budget, skill level, and materials and tools available, today to create waterfall easier than ever. You can create a waterfall anywhere in a large landscape, in a small backyard, or on a porch or balcony. However, for you to get the most exciting, and for waterfall to be successful, you must build it on the right site.   Before you decide on the ideal site, you should keep in mind several point ...

Pipes For Backyard Waterfalls

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Pipes and fittings allow water to flow into your backyard waterfall. The valves let you manage the route and rate of that flow. Most of the plumbing supplies can be provided by plumbing stores, home centers, and garden dealers. By choosing the right size of pipe, fittings and valves you can make pump work most efficiently. When planning your pipe directions remember, water flows best when it runs straight. Find pipe with a smooth bore, and make l ...

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