June 24, 2009

How Backyard Waterfalls Work

Backyard waterfalls are often coupled with a pond for a beautifully varied and multidimensional scheme in which the waterfall is the focal point. However, they can also exist without one, as a pondless waterfall and stream that can run as much as six feet in length. Naturally, the first design is more involved than the second, which was created for homeowners who, for safety or cost reasons, don’t wish to have a pond on their property. ¬ ...

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June 20, 2009

Filters For Backyard Waterfall

Filters help to keep clean, healthy water by stopping dirt and algae. To work properly, all the water in the waterfall should go through the filter every 2 hours. The 3 main types of water filters are biological, chemical, and mechanical.   Biological filters At their nature, biological filters are alike to mechanical filters in those, forced water flows through a filtering agent. The difference is that the filter basis have a colony of l ...

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