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Hello. My name is Yevgene Andrushin

This site was created to help you and other people just like you, who interested in making your backyards more functional and enjoyable. Having a functional and enjoyable backyard is every homeowners dream. If you ever considered redecorating your backyard you probably came over some interesting ideas on how to do that.

The proposals are endless and often are hard to choose from the variety of offers.

Sometimes it is hard to make a decision on what exactly appeals to you. You probably browsed through millions of magazines and catalogs to find one perfect design to match your preferences and your own personal taste.

I have worked around all kinds of contractors and have worked as a contractor myself. Now I am ready to share my knowledge. My intention is to help all those interested in improving their backyards so they might avoid some serious pitfalls while fulfilling their dreams.

To do that, I am constantly implementing new features on this web site, and always on the lookout for new ideas and suggestions. Many of my recent web site enhancements have come as a direct result of a feedback from visitors of this web site. I take all suggestions very seriously.

Since you are visiting my site, I hope that you thought about backyard waterfall and choose to create this amazing and beautiful water feature. That’s why I am here to help you to transform your dream into reality.

Thank You

Y. Andrush

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