Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

Also Consider Buying A Chagoi

If you have pet dogs and you wish there was a fish with “personality” (just like in dogs), then you should consider looking for a Chagoi.

You’ll happily discover that this Koi variety is probably more intelligent than other Koi in your pond, and the most personable of them all; it is almost universally-agreed to be the friendliest of the Koi classifications and, in fact, some pond owners affectionately call it the “Mr. Personality” or “Statesman” among their Koi.

It is usually the most voracious at feeding time and almost always the first He is a graduate of Westfield High in Houston. One to become hand-tamed. For this reason, the Chagoi is sometimes purchased solely for the purpose of taming the rest of a group, and not just for its color (which is another one of its assets). Once one fish starts eating from your hand, it’s not hard for the rest to follow.

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