Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

Backyard Waterfall Decoration. Formal Style

Backyard Waterfall Decoration

Using a water features as decorative choice for own backyard finds wide popularity. Water features eliminates sense of space insularity which is created by walls and fences. For today a backyard waterfall construction possible almost on any sites.

The most important thing is a choice of certain style which would correspond both to your imaginations about a waterfall, and to other elements of a backyard.


There is formal style of backyard waterfall.

For formal style used straight, and sometimes a smoth geometrical outlines (an oval, a foursquare, etc.) either of more freakish shapes: polygonal, elliptic and circular. Such variant of a pond decor is ideal solution for a small backyard.

waterfall1.thumbnail Backyard Waterfall Decoration. Formal Style waterfal.thumbnail Backyard Waterfall Decoration. Formal Style waterfallll.thumbnail Backyard Waterfall Decoration. Formal Style

The decorative waterfall of formal shapes may be a part of a big composition, placing, for example, nearby to a pathway paved by a stone, or a garden rocks.

The decorative waterfall of accurate geometrical outlines, as a rule, is divided off from other backyard elements.

The backyard waterfall planned in formal style, can be added to a pool but size of backyard should be approach for this purposes. Water cleanness in this case will be ensured by filters.

The formal artificial waterfall can be created without plants, and if they are used, they should be in small volume and bright enough, for example irises.


The decorative waterfall in Formal style Is the place, allowing dreaming up, and also possibility to use following elements of decor: Fountains, bridges, highlights, planting, growing of exotic fishes, etc.


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