April 24, 2009

Backyard Waterfall Planting

It is necessary to tell about the backyard waterfall planting and pond. If you decided to have a backyard waterfall planting you should create the pond for it. At first, you need to choose a place for your backyard waterfall with the pond.

It’d better be the place with the greatest amount of observation coming from.

The reason of such necessity is clear.


Then you need to choose backyard waterfall plants.

There are a lot of types and ideas for such kind of flora. You can use either simple flowers or flower bushes for this purpose. Also a good backyard waterfall idea is to choose some evergreens. All depends on you and your taste.

But there are some standards.


Statistics says that the best decision for your backyard waterfall with a pond is such plants as Azalea and the Rhododendron. Speaking about the other plants it is necessary to mention Forsythia, Viburnum, Mock Orange, Abelia, Lilac, Shrub Roses, Lonicera, and a lot of other flower shrubs (Rhododendron and Azalea are also flower shrubs).


As for the evergreens plants the best and the most wonderful of them are Yews, Cedar, Arborvitae, Hemlock, Rhododendron, Azalea, Laurel, Cotoneaster and a lot of others.


However, it is only the beginning of your carrier in this field ‘how to plant your backyard waterfall’. You can also decorate your backyard waterfall with plants that situate around a pond.

The main characteristic of them is water loving.

The most suitable plants of this type are Iris, Hibiscus, Astibe, Clematis, Spider Wort and Lobelia include Astor, Irish Moss, Hosta, Jacobs Ladder, Balloon Flower, Bellflower, Bee Balm and Coral Bellsa.


A good variant as also to have some kinds of ornamental grasses such as Purple Fountain, Northern Pampas and Evergold Sedge Grasses.


And the last group of backyard waterfall plants is water dwellings. Here we can see Water Lilly, Cannas, Calla Lilly, Bulrush, Cattails, and the Water Chestnut etc.

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