August 24, 2009

Building Artificial Backyard Waterfall

eclectic landscape1 Building Artificial Backyard Waterfall


If you wish to plunge into magic of water, to feel its divine beauty, to be filled with its force, you could create on your own backyard the decorative waterfall – magic water feature that will bring calmness to your soul and coziness to your house.

Professional companies are able to help you with it, to build an artificial backyard waterfall with decorative pond or artificial stream in any forms and the sizes using proper waterproof technology.

The experts will able to create according to your desire the cascade decorative waterfall, install the basic equipment for artificial pond (pumps, piping, filters, lighting systems, etc.), and add to your waterfall colorful illumination and remote control system.

“Liquid plastic liner “, applied for pond waterproof is strong multicomponent material.

It is product of the newest technologies and successfully applied in northern regions of USA.

It used in the hydraulic engineering and other constructions having contact to aquatic environment (dikes, canals, bridges etc.).

The basic advantage of such material in comparison with PVC liner or rubber liner, most often applied to waterproof finish of waterfalls, is laying on bottom and walls in the liquid state and after solidification, forms the strong and highly flexible coating which does not have folds and seams. That allows making waterproof finish of artificial waterfall in any forms and its sizes.

Besides waterproofing properties of this material and bonding structure allows strengthening ground with stones, slabs, tile, etc. With any angle of slope, and its color lets create the neutral color gamma.

The technology of creation the waterproofed waterfall basin assumes level-by-level drawing of material with interlaminar reinforcing (additional reinforcement) and drying that increases durability of created surface. After drying-out the material becomes flexible, it does not allow it to chink and to break. “Liquid plastic liner “is absolutely harmless and can have contact even with potable water. Besides, at correct use of filtration systems the material provides the minimum formation of miry particles at the bottom of waterfall.

Such technology of waterproof finish allows using a backyard waterfall for cultivation of water plants and fishes.

Your backyard waterfall, cascade waterfall or decorative stream will be looked most naturally and organically in any landscape, if you use various coverings such as natural and artificial stones. Stones will perfectly enforce the bottom and slope of waterfall, streams and cascades, thanks to bonding/adhesive properties of “liquid plastic liner “.

Materials for waterfall decoration and construction are pebble, marble, sandstone, granite, quartz, flagstone, limestone, recycled stones etc.

You have to organize space round waterfall, to prepare for this purpose the special project and to realize it together with the associates – the firms known in the market of landscape design.

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