Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

When Building Backyard Waterfall

Building a backyard waterfall can be easier than you think.


When building a backyard waterfall, as with any backyard projects, you need make a plan and design.

The first mistake that you can make when building a backyard waterfall is too big size.

The size of the backyard waterfall should be in proportion to the size of your backyard.


In planning to build backyard waterfall, you should mind on two things: the pond in which water will falls and the shape of waterfall above pond.

It is often more difficult to build waterfall than pond. You should use the stones, which many people have on their own backyard or can be easily found.


You can build backyard waterfall using a flexible liner and then mount rocks and stones or you can use a rigid fiberglass liner.


The other part is a pump.

The type of pump that you will use depends on the size of waterfall and also the length of pipe.


If your backyard is level and the soil from excavation of your backyard waterfall is nearby this should be used for placing the waterfall. If you are use a flexible liner first you should excavate the hole and then fit the liner. Next step is placing the rocks and stones to edge of waterfall for water can flow over and between them. If you use a fiberglass preformed liner, you can avoid the problem of mounting the rocks and will just have to dig out soil to fit the unit.


To complete the building fit the hose, pump, and filter, connects to the electric outlet. Now is the time to relax and enjoy your hand work.


Building a backyard waterfall really is worth the effort.

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