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Buy A Long Landing Net With A Large Head

Whenever you do some maintenance jobs on your pond, you usually need to catch and transfer the fishes to another pond, right? And whenever you take photographs of them, you also need to catch them too for “better” results, right? So “invest” in a sturdy, long landing net with a large head, so that when you catch your fishes, you won’t end up of hurting or unnecessarily “stressing” them.

Most landing nets have sturdy long handles made of steel or aluminum (some of them are even “telescopic”, meaning they can be collapsible or shortened), and you are given a choice between round, triangle, square, or polygonal-shaped heads with large diameters so that your big fishes will fit right in without hitting the head’s edges and possibly hurting or “stressing” themselves.

Most of these nets also have soft but durable mesh materials too, to “cushion” the impact of the “landing” of your fish into the net.

They usually don’t come cheap but consider them as a one-time investment that you (and your fishes) will “enjoy” for many years to come. Better yet, buy two of them, one long and one very-short-handled one.

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