March 15, 2012

Stream Flow Design And Style

The best stream flow is flat enough to retain water flow once the water pump will not be working. If your stream flow bed is capable to dry out between uses, the liner can be weakened as time passes. Plan to change the water flow generally by adapting the size and route of your stream flow and also by setting stones within the stream flow to reroute the existing. Water quickness will increase since the streambed becomes smaller, and then slowing ...

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October 22, 2010

Do You Think Of How It Is Possible To Improve Your Backyard?

Do you think of how it is possible to improve your backyard?   Along with many variants for backyard improvement, there is other project which you could consider – construction of a water garden. Water gardens can be an oasis in the end of hot lazy summer days where you can get rid of your problems and cares.   But before you will run to backyard with a shovel and mad sight in your eyes, or go to the nearest home cente ...

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January 24, 2010

Outdoor Waterfalls

Outdoor waterfalls are artificial decorative pieces that have a system of continual flowing water as in a real waterfall.They can have many patterns, shapes and sizes according to personal preference.Their most important components are a basin in which water is made to fall, a submersible pump which allows the water to rise up again, and a cascading slope which channels the falling water.   The common materials used for outdoor waterfalls ...

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January 11, 2010

Backyard Waterfall Benefits

Backyard Waterfall Benefits:   • Backyard waterfall contributes motion and sound of splashing water to your backyard. • The design of backyard waterfall determines it elicits, exciting or calming, energizing or restful. • A waterfall, regardless of it size, adds extraordinary and mysterious view to any backyard. • A force of the flowing water will help to minimize external and unnecessary noises. • Whatever backyard w ...

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December 29, 2009

Technical Aspects Of Building A Waterfall

Artificial backyard waterfalls can be in the different shapes and sizes, but usually combined with pond or pool, hanging over and bringing down water to them.   Besides external appearance, water falling from height has the greatest decorative value; therefore, you have to determine a layer thickness of falling water, especially appreciated in backyard waterfalls.   On borders and rocky ledges the mountain plants that are no ...

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November 2, 2009

Backyard Waterfall Design

Before designing a backyard waterfall you should inspect some natural basin at the top of the fall, area around, sides, and bottom of a fall. Observe how the water spills over and around the rocks, and how far it falls. Visit public or private places that have waterfalls, fountains, ponds, streams. Look at pictures and photos.Ask designers to show you waterfalls that they have completed.   Style When you have collected designs and ideas, join ...

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August 24, 2009

Building Artificial Backyard Waterfall

Eclectic Landscape By Colts Neck Landscape Contractors BJL Aquascapes   If you wish to plunge into magic of water, to feel its divine beauty, to be filled with its force, you could create on your own backyard the decorative waterfall – magic water feature that will bring calmness to your soul and coziness to your house. Professional companies are able to help you with it, to build an artificial backyard waterfall with decora ...

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August 4, 2009

Backyard Waterfall Without A Pond

There are many nice backyard waterfall ideas.Some people dream about a waterfall and a pond with fish or frogs near their house. Others enjoy just the pond or a pondless backyard waterfall.   It is becoming popular among families with kids and pets to have just a waterfall in their backyard.It doesn’t require as much maintenance as backyard waterfall and pond.It is easier to install because there is no need to dig a large hole in you ...

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June 24, 2009

How Backyard Waterfalls Work

Backyard waterfalls are often coupled with a pond for a beautifully varied and multidimensional scheme in which the waterfall is the focal point. However, they can also exist without one, as a pondless waterfall and stream that can run as much as six feet in length. Naturally, the first design is more involved than the second, which was created for homeowners who, for safety or cost reasons, don’t wish to have a pond on their property. ...

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November 30, 2008


Eclectic Landscape By Colts Neck Landscape Contractors BJL Aquascapes   Stones can add very accurate touch to a backyard waterfall, or they can cover all small area completely. Often people tend to build backyard waterfalls too big, too high and with too considerable quantity of water. For this reason the designing is so important, you should know what you wish to create. ...

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November 18, 2008

Backyard Waterfall Decoration. Formal Style

Backyard Waterfall Decoration Using a water features as decorative choice for own backyard finds wide popularity. Water features eliminates sense of space insularity which is created by walls and fences. For today a backyard waterfall construction possible almost on any sites.The most important thing is a choice of certain style which would correspond both to your imaginations about a waterfall, and to other elements of a backyard.   Th ...

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