May 31, 2014

Consider Filters For The Ornamental Pond

A filter in the ornamental pond will help you to achieve a good biological balance and clear water with good water quality. Filters are not really necessary in this type of ponds by definition, but they are a good to help. Ornamental ponds with fish and with sufficient water plants do not necessarily need a filter. Ornamental ponds with a large fish population and little plants must have a filter feature. Filters have two major tasks in orn ...

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June 20, 2009

Filters For Backyard Waterfall

Filters help to keep clean, healthy water by stopping dirt and algae. To work properly, all the water in the waterfall should go through the filter every 2 hours.The 3 main types of water filters are biological, chemical, and mechanical.   Biological filters At their nature, biological filters are alike to mechanical filters in those, forced water flows through a filtering agent.The difference is that the filter basis have a colony of liv ...

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