July 5, 2016

The Best Time to Construct a Pond is in the Autumn

We have stated earlier that it is best to purchase aquatic plants in the Summer or Autumn. It is also best to schedule any pond construction jobs in the Autumn, not just because aquatic plants in pond stores are at their “best” quality in the Autumn, but also because algae do not tend to grow much during this time of the year. ...

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July 4, 2016

Pond Friendly Bacteria Colony Kits

Always Make It a Point to Add “Friendly” Bacteria After Doing “Biological” Filter Maintenance. No matter how careful you are in cleaning your “biological” filters, there will always be a chance that some colonies of the “friendly” bacteria residing in these filters will be lost, maybe perhaps due to the cleaning/rinsing process or because of being “brought out” of the filter. So always make it a point to “replenish” these ...

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July 3, 2016

How to “Open” a Hole On a Fully-frozen Pond

The trick to “opening up” a large hole in a fully-frozen pond is not by repeatedly “pounding” on some area of it (this will only disturb or “stress” the fishes), but by boiling some water in a kettle and “positioning” the kettle itself (NOT pouring its contents) on the area where you want to “open up” a large hole. Keep the kettle on its “position” until it melts a hole. ...

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July 2, 2016

Stay Away From the Sterlet Sturgeon

This is so because the Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) variety of Sturgeon fishes has been known to be unsuitable for ponds. Other Sturgeon fish species might thrive in ponds, but the Sterlet, because of its being relatively small compared to its cousins, might not survive in ponds especially if there are other Sturgeon varieties in that pond. ...

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July 1, 2016

What Does “Foaming” Water Indicate? 

“Foaming” on the water is an indicator for the presence of too many proteins, probably attributable to excess fish food and other organic waste. If you frequently see this “foaming” in large numbers around your pond, you might want to consider installing a pond skimmer (also called a protein skimmer) in your pond and/or reduce the amount of fish food given during “mealtime”. ...

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How to Make the Pond Liner “Flexible”

When constructing the pond and “laying out” its liner (or “foil”), it is advisable to “warm” it for a while under direct sunlight so that it will be “flexible” when laid out, allowing for better handling and possessing fewer “folds”. ...

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Buy Large Pond Baskets with Handles

Buy Large Pond Baskets with Handles for Your Large Aquatic Plants. Since water lilies are best “introduced” to your pond using the “three-depth-levels” method, they can easily “grow” large with as many as 14 long-stemmed leaves “protruding” from each of them. To handle these plants easily, buy large pond baskets with handles both at the “left” and “right” sides, or even at the “top” and “bottom” portions, so that t ...

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“Moving” Water will Reduce the Outside Noise

“Moving” Water Breaks the Outside Noise If you happen to live along a busy street or near a highway or a water feature with moving water in the vicinity of your house, the noise from the traffic or the water feature can “penetrate” the ground and/or water of your pond and disturb or “stress” the fishes. To counter these noise, use large pumps or aerators (as well as air stones) that will really agitate (and at the same time, oxygenate ...

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When Building a Pond, Make Sure it’s Not Too Wide

There are many benefits of a not-too-wide pond; for instance, it will be easy to “shade” the whole pond (or portions of it) because you won’t have to purchase cloth (or other “shading” material) in unusual dimensions. It will also be easy to “section off” portions of the pond if you would say, want to temporarily “quarantine” some fishes, etc. The list of “benefits” for a not-too-wide pond go on and on.. ...

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Buy Only the Most Delicate/Sensitive of Water Testers

If you want to be most accurate in measuring your pond water’s chemical contents such as Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites, etc., then you’re better off buying those quite-expensive but very sensitive water testers which can detect the presence of even less than 1 mg per liter of these minute chemical substances. Testers which can only detect amounts in excess of 1 mg per liter should be considered worthless. ...

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O2 “Readings” are Best Taken in the Morning.

O2 “Readings” are Best “Taken” in the Morning. If you plan or want to take very accurate measurements of your pond’s Oxygen  (O2) content, the “readings” should be done only in the morning, preferably between 6 and 7 AM, when Oxygen levels are peaking up. It is well known among biologists that all living plants and possibly even some Oxygen-requiring algae consume  O2 during the night, and in the morning, O2 levels are usuall ...

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Regularly Check Pumps, Pipes and Tubing

Regularly Check Your Pond’s Pumps & Pipes, Tubings, etc., Even the Seemingly-Functioning Ones. You’ll never know when one of them needs oiling or a “rest” (you should have a backup or two at all times), or they will “blow” a gasket or a membrane, etc. Clogged or corroded pipings or tubings can also present problems, as well as those which have developed a crack. Also, check for some algae or organic-material buildup inside your p ...

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Water Lilies are on a Stalk Above the Water

Normally, the flowers and leaves of lilies lie on the water. But sometimes, the flowers and leaves on a stem protrude too high above the water’s surface, and the lily plant itself becomes too large, so it must be trimmed or “weighed down” so that they remain on the water’s surface. But keeping the leaves big in the summer is okay because they provide a protective “shade” for the pond’s fishes. Some breeds of lilies, such as the Ny ...

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December 2, 2013

Building a Waterfall

Everyone is fascinated by seeing and hearing a waterfall admit. Many people want then this piece of nature lodge in their pond, and it rightly so, as a waterfall in the ornamental pond provides a playful and attractive character. In addition to these properties, a waterfall some practical aspects such as enriching the water with oxygen and water circulation which clearly improves with the presence of a waterfall, some pond life benefits. If we w ...

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February 23, 2010


Valves let you to control the rate of the flow of water to a waterfall, sluice to a drain, or close down for repairs or maintenance. Well placed valves can make your waterfall more enjoyable and easier for regulation.   Float valve Float valve automatically controls the level of water in your basin. Once attached to a water system and installed at the edge, the valve will prevent leakage of water. Can be hidden under edge or plants. It works lik ...

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February 3, 2010

Selecting a Site for Backyard Waterfall

Backyard waterfall project is now within your budget, skill level, and materials and tools available, today to create waterfall easier than ever. You can create a waterfall anywhere in a large landscape, in a small backyard, or on a porch or balcony. However, for you to get the most exciting, and for waterfall to be successful, you must build it on the right site.   Before you decide on the ideal site, you should keep in mind several points: you ...

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Pipes for Backyard Waterfalls

Pipes and fittings allow water to flow into your backyard waterfall. The valves let you manage the route and rate of that flow. Most of the plumbing supplies can be provided by plumbing stores, home centers, and garden dealers. By choosing the right size of pipe, fittings and valves you can make pump work most efficiently. When planning your pipe directions remember, water flows best when it runs straight. Find pipe with a smooth bore, and make l ...

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