Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

Consider Filters For The Ornamental Pond

A filter in the ornamental pond will help you to achieve a good biological balance and clear water with good water quality.

Filters are not really necessary in this type of ponds by definition, but they are a good to help. Ornamental ponds with fish and with sufficient water plants do not necessarily need a filter. Ornamental ponds with a large fish population and little plants must have a filter feature.

Filters have two major tasks in ornamental ponds.

Biological filters will provide a sufficient presence of the necessary beneficial bacteria.

These bacteria grow on special biological filter materials that are made to accommodate wherever possible bacteria. Such filters also can be adjusted to filter out organic waste and floating debris.

Filter bank – it is a pump-fed filter.

The pump is mounted under water and pumps the water to the filter above the water surface.

The water returns to the pond, usually via a waterfall or swamp.

The water returning from the swamp or waterfall is aerated and very useful.

The numerous wetland plants can do their work as water purifiers because marsh plants are the most important group of plants to get rid of nutrients.

They extract these nutrients from the water with their roots and they can 100% meet the photosynthesis process because they are above the water with their leafs and thus the maximum absorbing of sunlight.

They will absorb most of sunlight on surface and will help to prevent the growth of algae on the bottom.

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