July 9, 2016

Determining Your Pond Water’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Determining Your Pond Water’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Contents Based on its Carbonate Hardness (KH) and Degree of Acidity (pH).

If there are plenty of plants in your pond, you might want to monitor your pond water’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) content, because plants need CO2.

But CO2 might also be of interest to you because it is intimately related to your pond water’s carbonate hardness (KH) and degree of acidity (pH); dissolved carbonates will raise both KH and pH, while the addition of CO2 will lower pH.

There are some charts that accurately depict the complex relationship between CO2, pH, and KH, and it is possible for you to “estimate” your pond water’s CO2 content based on your combined pH and KH readings. Hence, in case your ever need to know your pond water’s CO2 content, do not purchase that special carbon dioxide testing kit just yet; do some “research” on the relationship between CO2, pH, and KH.

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