Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

Do You Think Of How It Is Possible To Improve Your Backyard?

Do you think of how it is possible to improve your backyard?


Along with many variants for backyard improvement, there is other project which you could consider – construction of a water garden. Water gardens can be an oasis in the end of hot lazy summer days where you can get rid of your problems and cares.


But before you will run to backyard with a shovel and mad sight in your eyes, or go to the nearest home center for the garden goods, first you should to plan this backyard project. What kind of water garden should be constructed? Would you like to build a fountain with calming sound of running water? And how about a silent pond in which you can grow fishes or other living creatures and plants? There are some versions of water features and fountains – let’s more close consider these variants.


The aquarium water garden well fits for a small backyard. For aquarium gardens need a solar place in backyard or on a deck, a few nice plants and a suitable aquarium is required. Aquariums can be in the form of a bowl which contains from several gallons to several tanks of waters. Advantage of aquarium water gardens is that they are very easy for constructing and is simple maintenance.


The raised ponds:
The raised ponds are the ponds constructed by people who are able for construction works, and with some masonry skills, as ponds are constructed from blocks or bricks.

These ponds good for growing of fishes, as in him temperature more stable, than in an aquarium water garden. Such ponds well approach for classical gardens, and they are safe for children, and also is very simple maintain them and clean. Such ponds can be both partially and completely lifted.


The submerged ponds:
The submerged ponds – also the ponds constructed by the people. For this purposes is required to dig out big enough hole and to lay a pipe after the hole will be dug out. For decor you can place to a pond edge and surrounding if it is possible a stones or rocks. Such ponds too very well approach for growing of fish and water plants.


The bog is the hole with uneven form in the backyard.

It is constructed by a digging a quantity of soul and a laying a pipe with sand, plants and stones for its maintenance.

The bog well fits for dragonflies, frogs and other.


If you like to listen to a sound of running water you also can add in its various methods in your water garden.You can add small waterfalls which will directly falls to your pond. Or you can add cascade waterfall with several steps, which will run on stones to some small water areas before to get to the basic pond. Or you can build a fountain with splashing water in air by pump, placed under ground or is direct in a fountain or statue. Usually the statue is in the fountain center.


Probably, you want to add in the garden such decors, as, for example, bridges, statues, stone paths and other elements which will brings the perfect decor satisfying your taste.


So, having started to plan construction of water features on your backyard, you can soon enjoy own oasis in a backyard.

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