Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features


Fittings allow you to control the directions of the flow and secure the flow of water through the piping. Pipe fittings join to other pieces of pipe as well as to pumps and other equipment. Flexible pipe or a hand tight PVC muff makes pump displacement easy and quick. If the pump has a threaded socket and you want to connect it to vinyl tubing, use a barb fitting and clamp.


Many types of fittings are available


T fitting. Divides water flow into two directions.


Elbow.  Allows water flow to make a 90 or 45 degree turn in rigid or flexible pipelines.


Coupling. Connects two pieces of tubing.


Garden hose adapter. Various kinds make it possible to join rigid pipe to flexible tubing. Connects the pump socket to a flexible hose. Useful when draining the waterfall.


Reducer. For different diameter at each end to connect piping of differing diameters.


Check valve . Allows water to flow in one direction, and stops it if it moves in the opposite direction.

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