August 2, 2016

Get Rid Of Your “Spring Cleaning” Rationale For Ponds

Another “Sage Advise” about “Preventive Treatments”: Preferably no “Spring Cures” Administration.

Perhaps brought about by our penchant for doing “spring cleaning” among our houses or “immunization shots” for our babies and kids, many pond owners often administer their ponds a once-a-year “preventive” treatment (such as pond fumigation) supposedly to protect them from pests and diseases, and these pond owners “repeat” these treatments every year.

Little do these pond owners realize that the chemicals used in these treatments can be harmful to the pond waters, filters, and especially the fishes over a long period of time, so much so that spring has become the most threatening period in which fishes can easily get sick.

So take this advise seriously and “get rid” of your “spring cleaning” rationale (at least for ponds).

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