Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

7 Steps To Build A Backyard Waterfall

Enjoy the soothing sounds of falling water with your own backyard waterfall, simply constructed in your open yard, garden or pond area. Waterfalls come in all sizes and varieties. Fiberglass kits Can be used for Small waterfall construction, but most people appreciate the natural beauty of stones and landscaping from a custom waterfall. If you have a low garden or pond area, keep your waterfall low, gentle slope for the best consistency of form and style for your relaxing waterfall garden.


Step 1

Plan before you dig. Consider how high a slope you want for your waterfall and
how big a pool you want. For a shallow pool that is 12 feet by 14 feet, think
of a maximum fall distance of only 18 to 24 inches. Dig out the space for the
lower pool. Cover the base of the pool with sand, pack it down and then place
small landscaping rocks over the sand to achieve an ocean floor look. Or install
rubber pond liner to keep the water cleaner and prevent erosion.


Step 2

Mound the dirt from the pool into a straight slope or sloping steps at the side
of your pool. Shape this into a small hill, sloping down toward the pool at
the angle you wish to have for your waterfall.


Step 3

Set up your cascade by placing rocks along the slope/steps. Use larger, heavier
rocks at the bottom and place them so they jut out over the pool edge to create
the fall for the water. Start stacking the rocks up from heavier to larger in
whatever design you like to create the waterfall ledge.


Step 4

Connect the pump hose to the pump and lace the hose up behind the stones before
you complete your stone cascade.

The hose should be long enough to reach the
top of the stone slope. Hide the hose among the rocks so it seems as natural
as possible.


Step 5

Place the pump in the lower pool so it won’t touch the sides or bottom to allow
water to flow freely. Connect the power cord to the GFCI receptacle just to
test the pump for 30 to 60 seconds and make sure it’s working properly.


Step 6

Add water to the pool and make sure the pump hangs where you want it. Turn the
pump on and test the water flow. Maneuver any rocks to enhance the waterfall
effect to your satisfaction. At this point, if you want to additionally secure
your rocks to prevent them from moving or slipping, adhere them together with
black waterfall foam.


Step 7

Complete the pool edge landscape. Add plants, small bushes or other stones around
the edge of the pool to blend the waterfall into the style of your garden.


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