July 24, 2016

Is There Such A Things As “Overfeeding” The Fishes?

Is There Such a Things As “Overfeeding” the Fishes? Would I Kill the Fishes If I “Overfeed” Them?

This is a typical “beginning” pond owner’s question. A few people realize that fishes (and other animals) know no satiety when eating.

There has never been a reported case of a fish dying from too much food, or even of one dying from lack of it, either (precisely because, in the absence of your “fish food”, fishes can always feast on the naturally-occurring “nutrients” in the pond). But one particular “sign” that you may have overfed your fishes is if your pond’s water quality deteriorates faster, or if your filters require more frequent changing/maintenance than usual. That means that there is simply too much uneaten fish food lying around your pond’s surface or maybe “sinking” down.

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