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It Is Still Best To Remove Any Snow Buildup On Your Pond?

If you happen to reside in a place where it really snows, then perhaps you are no stranger to snow-covered ponds anymore.

But instead of just “opening” a hole on your snow-covered pond, it is still best to try to remove the snow buildup, especially if there is still sufficient sunlight. This is so because sunlight is crucial for the general “health” and well-being of your pond’s fragile ecosystem: sunlight prevents mildew buildup, it allows green aquatic plants such as oxygenators (and even algae) to function normally, and therefore produce oxygen under the ice, etc.

So, by necessity, it is still in your pond’s best interest for you to remove any buildup of snow, but do so in a “less-violent” manner, so as not to disturb or “stress” your fishes.

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