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Large Servicing Work VS. Small Regular Maintenance Jobs?

Large, “Wholesale” Servicing Work VS Small, “Piecemeal” Regular Maintenance Jobs?

A frequent question which arises among beginning pond owners is whether they should “schedule” infrequent but large-scale (or “wholesale”) servicing work on their pond’s filtration systems, pumps, water, etc., or whether they should do frequent/regular but smaller-scale (or “piecemeal”) maintenance jobs.

The correct answer is to choose the latter (i.E., frequent/regular but smaller-scale maintenance jobs) over the former. Large-scale servicing work often leaves the fishes (as well as the plants and “friendly” micro-organisms) “shocked” or dead/wiped out, and if you tend to “postpone” regular maintenance jobs in favor of infrequent but large-scale servicing work, some of your pond’s equipment might go “unrepaired” or “unmaintained” for quite some time and the “next” servicing work might just be too late.

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