Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features


Flexible liners

One of most popular materials in water feature technology is flexible liner.It allows you to create waterfall, ponds, pools, and streams in any forms, style, and length you can represent.


Flexible liner allows you to build a water basin in site that was not possible before. Make a stream with sand, gravel, and rocks arranged on the liner. Recover a leaky concrete basin by laying liner over the damaged place.


Flexible liners are made from a variety of materials polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) – and they vary in cost, quality, thickness, and weights. Heavy liners usually are more expensive, more reliable, and tear resistant than lighter liners. However, new liners combine light weight with reliability.

As more you spend, the more the liner will resist the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV).


UV rays breaks down the chemical bonds in the liner (especially polyethylene), making it breakable. Remember to keep the basin filled with water and the liner totally covered, so none of it is exposed.


Stock sizes for liners start with 5 foot squares and range up to section 50 by 100 feet or more. You can join liners with tape or seam sealer made for this purpose.


Preformed liners (rigid liners)

Preformed liners easily to install and well suited to small backyard and are available in many sizes and forms. Most preformed liners are made from fiberglass or rigid plastic.


Fiberglass is more expensive but more reliable than rigid plastic. Properly installed, a fiberglass liner can be reliable as long as 50 years.


Whether fiberglass or rigid plastic, preformed liners are much reliable then flexible and ideal for backyards where sandy soil or tree roots. You can build it above ground or at any depth.

But don’t hope for them to support themselves, they will need a structure around them. In-ground liners are useful for paved backyards where edges will be supported.


Usually preformed liners come with different depths, include shelves for plants. Also liners can be with different colors, but black is usually best, it’s give the illusion that the basin is deeper than it really is.

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