August 18, 2016

Look Out For Bamboo Shoots Piercing Your Pond’s Liner

If you have planted some Bamboo close to your pond, occasionally check to see if some of its shoots threaten to pierce your pond’s liner or “foil”.

Some species of Bamboo “expand” underneath the soil, with strong roots that could “drill” a hole into your pond’s liner. Perhaps if you want to plant some bamboo close to your pond, it would be best to sort of “isolate” its roots from your pond’s perimeter by building some kind of concrete or metal “walling” or “shielding” underneath the soil, positioning it between the Bamboo shoots and the pond. Another thing that you can do while still planting the young Bamboo seedlings is to dig a very deep hole so that the plant’s roots will expand underneath the pond and not directly “into” it.

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