Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

“Move” Newly-caught Koi With Soknet

The Japanese are so ingenious, they “invented” two kinds of net: one for “catching” Koi (the landing net), and another for “moving” the newly-caught Koi. This net for moving is affectionately called theSoknet, Which translates in English to “sock net”.

These Soknets feature a narrow but long sock-like mesh with just enough room to hold one or at most two Koi vertically. This way, the newly-caught Koi can be transferred from the landing net into the Soknet (probably by using the Soknet’s mesh as sort of a glove), and once inside the Soknet, the Koi can be quickly “picked up” and “lifted” inside the Soknet and transferred to another container, like another pond or perhaps an oxygenated plastic bag.

So remember, for catching Koi, use a Japanese-made landing net, but for quickly “moving” that newly-caught Koi, use a Japanese Soknet.

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