July 1, 2016

Purchase Air Pumps With Exceeded Requirements

Purchase Air Pumps That Not Only “Match” Your Other Equipment’s Requirements, But Also Exceed them. This advise is very similar to the previous one. Not a lot of pond owners realize it, but when air pumps are “mismatched” or “barely matched” with the other equipment that make use of them (air stones, for example), they prematurely fail, and sometimes it’s not so easy to spot. For example, you might think that your air stone is d ...

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O2 “Readings” Are Best Taken In The Morning.

O2 “Readings” are Best “Taken” in the Morning. If you plan or want to take very accurate measurements of your pond’s Oxygen  (O2) content, the “readings” should be done only in the morning, preferably between 6 and 7 AM, when Oxygen levels are peaking up.It is well known among biologists that all living plants and possibly even some Oxygen-requiring algae consume  O2 during the night, and in the morning, O2 levels are usuall ...

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Buy Only The Most Delicate/Sensitive Of Water Testers

If you want to be most accurate in measuring your pond water’s chemical contents such as Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites, etc., then you’re better off buying those quite-expensive but very sensitive water testers which can detect the presence of even less than 1 mg per liter of these minute chemical substances. Testers which can only detect amounts in excess of 1 mg per liter should be considered worthless. ...

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When Building A Pond, Make Sure It’s Not Too Wide

There are many benefits of a not-too-wide pond; for instance, it will be easy to “shade” the whole pond (or portions of it) because you won’t have to purchase cloth (or other “shading” material) in unusual dimensions. It will also be easy to “section off” portions of the pond if you would say, want to temporarily “quarantine” some fishes, etc.The list of “benefits” for a not-too-wide pond go on and on.. ...

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“Moving” Water Will Reduce The Outside Noise

“Moving” Water Breaks the Outside Noise If you happen to live along a busy street or near a highway or a water feature with moving water in the vicinity of your house, the noise from the traffic or the water feature can “penetrate” the ground and/or water of your pond and disturb or “stress” the fishes. To counter these noise, use large pumps or aerators (as well as air stones) that will really agitate (and at the same time, oxygenat ...

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Water Lilies Are On A Stalk Above The Water

Normally, the flowers and leaves of lilies lie on the water.But sometimes, the flowers and leaves on a stem protrude too high above the water’s surface, and the lily plant itself becomes too large, so it must be trimmed or “weighed down” so that they remain on the water’s surface.But keeping the leaves big in the summer is okay because they provide a protective “shade” for the pond’s fishes.Some breeds of lilies, such as the Nymph ...

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Regularly Check Pumps, Pipes And Tubing

Regularly Check Your Pond’s Pumps & Pipes, Tubings, etc., Even the Seemingly-Functioning Ones. You’ll never know when one of them needs oiling or a “rest” (you should have a backup or two at all times), or they will “blow” a gasket or a membrane, etc. Clogged or corroded pipings or tubings can also present problems, as well as those which have developed a crack. Also, check for some algae or organic-material buildup inside your ...

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June 10, 2015

Stream Waterfall Construction

A stream or a waterfall itself is not difficult to make and it will add value to any property.There are ready-made plastic parts for sale that you can make a watercourse or waterfall and expensive types are almost indistinguishable from real ones.But why not make it yourself with pond liner? You can stream exactly give the shape and size you want and give it a lot cheaper. Stream? Waterfall? But I have no pond A stream or waterfall flows i ...

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May 31, 2014

Consider Filters For The Ornamental Pond

A filter in the ornamental pond will help you to achieve a good biological balance and clear water with good water quality. Filters are not really necessary in this type of ponds by definition, but they are a good to help. Ornamental ponds with fish and with sufficient water plants do not necessarily need a filter. Ornamental ponds with a large fish population and little plants must have a filter feature. Filters have two major tasks in orn ...

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December 2, 2013

Building A Waterfall

Everyone is fascinated by seeing and hearing a waterfall admit. Many people want then this piece of nature lodge in their pond, and it rightly so, as a waterfall in the ornamental pond provides a playful and attractive character. In addition to these properties, a waterfall some practical aspects such as enriching the water with oxygen and water circulation which clearly improves with the presence of a waterfall, some pond life benefits. I ...

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April 17, 2012

10 Tips You Can Consider Before Building A Backyard Waterfall

Tip #1. Flexible Liner or Preformed? You can buy preformed liners for your waterfall or pond construction, or even build the waterfall bottom from concrete, but be careful if you live in an area with cold winters.The preformed liners and concrete can crack, causing leaks. A better choice is to use a flexible liner and cover it with natural stone.   Tip #2. Flexible Liner Flexible liner is most reliable material for waterfalls and ponds ...

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March 15, 2012

Stream Flow Design And Style

The best stream flow is flat enough to retain water flow once the water pump will not be working. If your stream flow bed is capable to dry out between uses, the liner can be weakened as time passes. Plan to change the water flow generally by adapting the size and route of your stream flow and also by setting stones within the stream flow to reroute the existing. Water quickness will increase since the streambed becomes smaller, and then slowing ...

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Stream & Waterfalls

For most people, a backyard garden pool is not perfect without having a Stream flow, waterfall, or both.The music of streaming or playing water offers a completely new physical knowledge with a pool. Even though water ways and waterfalls create several exceptional challenges, they may be really simple to build, and, when considerately styled, they will appear suitable in almost any locations. Flexible liner is a perfect material for water ways an ...

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Rigid And Flexible Liners

The very first expectation of a pool is the fact that it holds water. That’s what pool liners are intended to do. Not so long ago, concrete was the materials of option for garden pool liners and in some instances it might nonetheless becoming worth contemplating.But concrete pools are tricky to build, and they’re prone to cracks. Thankfully, new kinds of liners happen to be introduced in current years that make installation a l ...

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October 7, 2011

High Slope Waterfall

High slope waterfall.     Right to the river.) ...

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April 7, 2011

Under Water Lighting. Backyard Waterfall Image

A waterfall with an inner glow by using submersible lighting.     Under Water lighting during a day light.           ...

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October 22, 2010

Do You Think Of How It Is Possible To Improve Your Backyard?

Do you think of how it is possible to improve your backyard?   Along with many variants for backyard improvement, there is other project which you could consider – construction of a water garden. Water gardens can be an oasis in the end of hot lazy summer days where you can get rid of your problems and cares.   But before you will run to backyard with a shovel and mad sight in your eyes, or go to the nearest home cente ...

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