Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

Backyard Waterfall Parameters

The parameters of your backyard waterfall should meet your interests, satisfy, your wish and budget, and also to bring healthy surroundings for plants. Except these common purposes, you will need to add special parameter.

It is view from inside of the house as well as an area around the backyard.


Detailed parameters are important for successful project, and does not matter who will build waterfall, experts or you. Also you should do the plan- a scale drawing sketched by you or professional. Make a property map with the plat, or legal map, which shows the exact outline and shape of your surroundings.

It usually includes the house, the driveway, the walkway, the fences, the backyard and their measurements. Make copies of the legal map and use them to sketch variations. Use stakes and rope, or hose to outline the site of waterfall. Allow yourself to improvise at this point.


Use the following points to help you plan your parameters:



If your backyard is not too small, or too big, the area and waterfall should complement each other. Waterfall that is too small will look like just a fountain; too large waterfall will look like a mountain.



Sketch the shape within its surroundings. Straight forms will look as formal setting and asymmetrical forms harmonious with landscape and plants. If you think to use a flexible liner, the shape and size are unlimited, but common designs allow you to save materials and money.



First you should decide which water feature you will build with waterfall. For many people, waterfall does not look complete without steam, pond or pool.



If you have decided to build a pond, the best depth for plants and fish will be from 18 to 24 inches, it’s enough for the water to be healthy.



Plan for drainage from inside and outside. A bottom drainage allows you to let the water go out from the bottom by disconnecting the pump and pipe.



The electric outlet should be aside from water at 6 feet, or more. Plan for 120 volt, 20 ampere power.



Use a conduit or hose from garden faucet. Only for complex waterfall needs different water lines. In most cases, you’ll need to keep a hose nearby for cleaning, filling and refilling.



Create easy access to the waterfall, from 2 stands, allowing for cleaning and viewing. Make hard and steady edge strong enough for a person to stand on it. Use heavy stones for edge, it increases a stability.



Integrate the waterfall with the backyard, use plants, paths, deck, beach and sitting place. Dig a 1 foot deep hole, for example, the place is clear of rocks, tree roots.



You will need pump and filter with accessories. If you’ll decide to join components to waterfall later, choose to take biggest pump and electric supply.

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