Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

Pipes For Backyard Waterfalls

Pipes and fittings allow water to flow into your backyard waterfall.

The valves let you manage the route and rate of that flow. Most of the plumbing supplies can be provided by plumbing stores, home centers, and garden dealers. By choosing the right size of pipe, fittings and valves you can make pump work most efficiently. When planning your pipe directions remember, water flows best when it runs straight. Find pipe with a smooth bore, and make least sharp turns in the layout.


Copper tubing Should not be used for backyard waterfall. Plastic pipe and fitting are preferred for supply and drain lines. Plastic pipe is easy to cut, assemble, and very affordable, unlike copper and other metals, it will not rust outdoors. Several different types of plastic pipe and fitting are available.


Flexible pipe Is the easiest to assemble and install. If you need to put rigid pipe, look for schedule 40 PVC, (polyvinyl chloride) which is joined with solvent fittings.


Corrugated plastic pipe Costs more than other plastic pipe, but it can be bent around obstacles without kinking, it can reduce the time for installing fittings.


For waterfall, from 1/2-inch to 1/4-inch pipe will be enough. To flow larger volume of water, though, you can use 1 1/2- to 2-inch pipe. Sizes of pipe and fitting are often given for the inner diameter (ID).


Clear vinyl

Clear vinyl pipe usually the least expensive pipe. Because of its clear, it is not very visible among its surroundings. Thin walls make it easy to kink or compress; it may not be bent sharply. Sunlight allow algae to grow up inside and will make the pipe breakable. Best using for short distance.


Rigid PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Use only schedule 40 PVC and fittings. Inexpensive, lightweight, and corrosion resistant, with thick, strong walls that will not destroy easily. Rigid PVC resists pressing under the weight of dirt, soil or rocks. Also algae will not grow inside unclear pipe. Can be used where long, straight pipe, for runs of 15 to20 feet or longer, for water volume of 3000 gph or more. And for where the pipe needs go underground. Must be joined with solvent cement.


Black vinyl

Black vinyl pipes widely utilized, this is a stronger type of pipe than clear vinyl.

It is more flexible and better resist kinks and pressing.

The black color better blends into the soil. Also it is named as “flexible PVC.”


Corrugated black vinyl

The most flexible pipe used in waterfalls, ponds.

It can be buried and is flexible enough to be bent without kinking (it is often marketed as “no-kink tubing”). Despite its corrugated exterior, it has a smooth bore. Usually it is joined with hose clamps. Also it is named as «no-kink tubing».


Hose clamps

These hose clamps use for reliable fit for garden tubing.

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