July 6, 2016

Purchase With A “Mindset” For Pond Expansion

When Purchasing some Pumps, Filters, or a UV Lamp/Emitter, it is Better to Buy a Slightly-Oversized One. 

Another common mistake among novice pond owners (and even non-beginners at that) is to purchase pumps, filters, UV lamps/emitters, or other pond equipment just “exactly suited” for their current pond’s size. What happens then if you noticed that your Koi fishes got “bigger” and you found a need to increase your pond’s size (or that you really intended to “increase” it later)? Hence, it is therefore advisable among pond owners to buy pumps, filters, UV lamps/emitters, and/or other pond equipment that are sufficiently large, not just in terms of size, amperage, or flow rates, but also in terms of being capable of “operating” for ponds with a much larger water content than what you have right now. Purchase with a “mindset” for expansion.

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