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Safety Precautions When Giving Medication

Unless we are expert chemists, we generally do not know much about the chemical compositions of the fish medications that we purchase; nor are we probably aware about the potential reactions/counter-reactions that these chemicals might unleash when they come into contact with other chemicals (or even the biological filter “media”) in our ponds.

So the safest way to administer fish medications (even if they are just for disinfection, anesthesia, etc.) is to turn off all the UV lamps and filters, to remove all “chemical” and “biological” filters from the pond, and (if possible) remove all “traces” of these biological and chemical materials from the pond’s water, and to also provide extra aeration (through “mechanical” means only) to the water.

Of course, the most preferred method of administering these fish medications is via the use of quarantine tanks or ponds.

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