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Stream Waterfall Construction

kunststof waterval element Stream Waterfall ConstructionA stream or a waterfall itself is not difficult to make and it will add value to any property.

There are ready-made plastic parts for sale that you can make a watercourse or waterfall and expensive types are almost indistinguishable from real ones.

But why not make it yourself with pond liner? You can stream exactly give the shape and size you want and give it a lot cheaper.

Stream? Waterfall? But I have no pond

A stream or waterfall flows indeed usually in a pond, but that does not necessarily.
Indeed, it is quite possible to create without a pond nearby. Moving water in the garden
The stream can for example result in a buried tank, or pit with pond liner, filled with pebbles and gravel or where the water goes away and then another place bubbling again. You then need to be. (Not in the water) placed in a so-called dry up a pump This type of pumps can be placed anywhere you want. That way you can, even without pond, enjoy an attractive piece of moving water in your garden.

Stream or waterfall?

The difference between a stream and a waterfall is logically determined by the degree of decay between the highest and the lowest point. However, the magnitude of decline that also determines the extent to which the moving water will produce sound. The greater the decline, the more noise and there is not charmed everyone, perhaps not least your own neighbors.

Want a quiet babbling brook or would you prefer a real waterfall? The choice is yours and it is also to combine. For example, you can create a stream with a waterfall halfway or just with a waterfall that flows into your pond. It’s all feasible as you make the right height in your garden during construction.

A stream or waterfall is also useful

A stream that has a layer of gravel or grit in the bed can significantly contribute to the water quality in your pond.
Both a waterfall and a stream enrich the water with oxygen continuously which is very good for the fish and water quality in general.

The stream, however, there is also a rock between the bacterial development site that helps waste water into useful nutrients for plants. If you therefore now proceeds to provide strong nitrate absorbing marsh plants, (part of) the stream provides a strong and beautiful natural biological filter.
Have you ever thought moreover that a stream can form between the plants and the pond filter? Stunning natural overflow Again, with just an extra added biological filter function there!

Hills in the Low Countries?

Because the gardens not know in the Netherlands and Belgium in general to little height, a stream with a too large decay quickly provides an unnatural and exaggerated look. For a watercourse is 30-40 cm decay about the maximum and a stream with a waterfall about 60 cm.Obviously it is up to you to make it, for example if you set no price on a natural look different choices.

Getting Started

1. Determine the location for the stream. Preferably you have a nice view of the stream, both from your garden and from your home.

2. Make the beginning of the stream or waterfall, called the origin, at the correct height of the decay that you have defined. Take this just sand that you firmly Rams to a hill. It is imperative here that the sand hill downwards anticipates wide enough so it will not collapse under the considerable weight of the water later. Work already supply hose from the pond pump to the origin in the invisible road hill.
Alternatively, you can strengthen the walls of the hill with cement or wood construction.
Clean the top of the hill then flat and level.

3. Masonry with stone at the highest point a tray around the same height. Where the outflow will bring you a reduction in the edge. You can also create a container of cement, concrete or other masonry and even possibly a plastic tub or use something similar. If it is hollow and sturdy enough to contain and firmly on the hill. Water soon
Please remember that the supply hose from the pond pump still inwards, and that you capture with a rock or something.
For a natural look of the origin, working later visual way with garden planting.
You can also choose to bubbling between boulders. You can leave overgrow with plants or something like ‘hold’ with wood, stone or gravel in a cement layer printed it. In short, your creativity and desires are the limit.

4. Model the earth on down to the end, if you can read the entire course and the decline off with rope. You then create a gradually sloping gutter on both sides sufficiently high edges. This so that the water will not flow or splash. Later over You would otherwise constantly lose water and still need refilling. Like the hill for the origin, they should also be well pressed clay edges and sturdy enough to avoid that they will succumb. Below the water pressure
If that were to happen, you can assume that your entire pond is drained within hours.
Optionally, it is also possible to the edges of the stream, for example with cement or buried plastic border strips to reinforce.
If you choose a waterfall in the stream or at the end of the stream, which you can place the “stair step” of sand and vertically on the sides reinforced with one or more vertically placed stones. If you want bigger and multiple steps, eg by stacking flat stones, in short, a real waterfall, it is wise to reinforce with wood or masonry. Throughout the wall structure Because of the weight, the earthen wall of the stream are not strong enough.

5. The now manually shaped gutter and if necessary also the origin, clothe yourselves with all pond liner. Because it always worked with boulders and finish with a stream it is wise to this rubber sheet of at least 0.8 mm thick to use. The other types of pond liners are vulnerable.

The pond liner should be spacious, 30-40 cm, are placed on the edges and only later cut and eliminated. Even if the outlet stream of the waterfall without a pond is connected, leave a large overlap down on this place.

6. If this is not done, you work the supply hose from the pond completely out of sight.

7. If you have made serving a waterfall a step in the stream, place a flat stone horizontally on the step. Let this stone, such as flagstone or slate, crossing over and slightly sloped downward.
Hide vertically visible pond liner by him to fill with a vertical stone that you like or stack it flat stones against it.

8. Work the inner walls of the gutter now completely further with the slightly larger specimens of boulders or stones that you have chosen. Stack the bricks carefully so the edges remain stable and firm. Fix, with the assistance of the stones the pond liner as smooth as possible to the inner walls of the stream.

9. Now cover all visible pond liner across the gutter with smaller pebbles and gravel or split. Remember, when buying the rock, that little a very poor result indicates that the liner remains annoyingly visible. Streams waterfalls are also naturally always in a wealthy area, the more reason not to use. Too little stone For a perfectly natural effect, you place several large boulders or stones scattered in the stream. The less tidy you do, the more natural the stream will eyes.

10. When lighting the pond and have planned the stream you are now the cabling appropriate way along the outer edges of the stream.Other cabling for an outside outlet, any frequency inverter for the pond pump, etc. Is still easy to operate. Away at the moment

11. You can now trim the excess pond liner to the outer edges, or a 10-15 cm along the outside edges must remain seated. This does away with a last layer of pebbles and gravel.

12. If the stream without waterfall flows on the pond, you cut off the overlap over and glue secure it to the existing film of the pond. If the pond is made of a different material than rubber pond liner, is nothing else than the overlap over loose over the pond edge to hang. If it is a waterfall that flows into the pond, make sure that sufficient overhanging the pond edge so that no water enters the pond next.

13. If all is well dried, the pond pump can be started and you can enjoy the gurgling sound of your homemade stream. If provided, the amount of water and flow rate must be adjusted with the pond pump frequency converter as desired.

14. Naturally, the stream becomes a real part of your garden if planting will be applied.

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