Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

Stream & Waterfalls

For most people, a backyard garden pool is not perfect without having a Stream flow, waterfall, or both.

The music of streaming or playing water offers a completely new physical knowledge with a pool. Even though water ways and waterfalls create several exceptional challenges, they may be really simple to build, and, when considerately styled, they will appear suitable in almost any locations. Flexible liner is a perfect material for water ways and waterfalls.


You need to use one item of liner for the complete work or fix several sections with each other.

It is important to make use of the tape or adhesive recommended the actual liner item you choose. To discover the amount liner you will require for the stream flow, find out the size of your stream flow; increase 2 times the depth additionally at the least 2 ft for overlap on all sides. Don’t forget to select a water pump with the capacity to move adequate water for the work correctly.

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