December 29, 2009

Technical Aspects Of Building A Waterfall

Artificial backyard waterfalls can be in the different shapes and sizes, but usually combined with pond or pool, hanging over and bringing down water to them.


Besides external appearance, water falling from height has the greatest decorative value; therefore, you have to determine a layer thickness of falling water, especially appreciated in backyard waterfalls.


On borders and rocky ledges the mountain plants that are not required great volumes of the soil for the root system and resistant enough to winter can be planted.


The backyard waterfall – bright element of a house, also can be equipped by a special place for a meditation, also can be added such composition as the Alpine pavilion, the Japanese arbor or a verandah in the Chinese style.

The composition can focuses specially on a waterfall, making it as central element of the backyard.


The technical aspect of building a backyard waterfall relate to other constructions, but as well cardinal difference. First, it is careful calculation of all complexes, especially the foundation that constantly falling water influences to a bottom, “beating out”, deepening in a falling place, and influence all design, causing constant vibration.

The same matter is care of a waterproofing on all sites of a design.


Correct calculation of the pump equipment and pipeline sizes are especially important, considering height of lifting and weight of lifted water.

The professional should solve all these questions only.

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