Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features

10 Tips You Can Consider Before Building A Backyard Waterfall

Tip #1. Flexible Liner or Preformed?

You can buy preformed liners for your waterfall or pond construction, or even build the waterfall bottom from concrete, but be careful if you live in an area with cold winters.

The preformed liners and concrete can crack, causing leaks. A better choice is to use a flexible liner and cover it with natural stone.


Tip #2. Flexible Liner

Flexible liner is most reliable material for waterfalls and ponds. You can simply use one piece for your project or join two or more pieces together (depending on shape).

But you need to use the glue and tape recommended for the each kind of liner.


Tip #3. Pumps, Tubes & Water

Any well constructed waterfall don’t waste water. Never ending stream and flow take limited amount of water recirculated by a pump and tubes, and deliver water to the head of waterfall. Pumps and tubes allow deliver water to filter and also quickly to drain for cleaning or maintenance purposes.


Tip #4.

The right size of pipe, fittings and valves

The valves let you manage the route and rate of that flow. Most of the plumbing supplies can be provided by plumbing stores, home centers, and garden dealers. By choosing the right size of pipe, fittings and valves you can make pump work most efficiently. When planning your pipe directions remember, water flows best when it runs straight. Find pipe with a smooth bore, and make least sharp turns in the layout.


Tip #5. Pumping

When you are building a new waterfall or refurbishing an old one, you should also plan to install a submersible electric pump that will draw the water continuousily through a filter. You can then maintain a tranquil waterfall by pumping the clean water back in below the surface, or you can make the pump provide a spray of water through a waterfall’s stone edge.


Tip #6. Natural Stone

Backyard Waterfalls are a great addition to any new or existing pond. Natural Stones add new character to the backyard design and helps with the balancing of the pond ecology along with other factors such as plant life and fish.


Tip# 7. Flag Stone

Flag stone paving makes a perfect border to secure the eges of the PVC where they overlap the rim of the waterfall and protect the plastic from the weakening effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
Flag stone paving is readly available from building supply companies or quarries in 12 inch wide rectangles or irregularly shaped slabs.


Tip #8. Artificial Stone

The waterfall made from artificial stones is a wonderful accent for any backyard space.

The texture of artificial stone waterfall closely resembles natural stone, which offers an extremely authentic look.

It can be recirculated and you no need for a pre-existing pond or pool to use it.


Tip #9. Designing a Waterfall

Stones can add very accurate touch to a backyard waterfall, or they can cover all small area completely. Often people tend to build backyard waterfalls too big, too high and with too considerable quantity of water. For this reason the designing is so important, you should know what you wish to create.


Tip #10. Waterfall Sizing

Make the waterfall suiting to surrounding areas. If the landscape of your backyard is flat the falls which grows from anywhere, will look natural. Hold the waterfall size with according to surrounding scale.

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