Backyard Waterfall and Koi Pond Features


Valves let you to control the rate of the flow of water to a waterfall, sluice to a drain, or close down for repairs or maintenance. Well placed valves can make your waterfall more enjoyable and easier for regulation.


Float valve

Float valve automatically controls the level of water in your basin. Once attached to a water system and installed at the edge, the valve will prevent leakage of water. Can be hidden under edge or plants.

It works like the float valve in a toilet.


Three- way valve

Three-way valve can shut off water flow, send a controlled flow to a spill way, or open a flow for draining.


Ball valve

Ball valve turn on or off water quickly away from the source, this water flow regulator operates with a one-quarter turn on the handle to start the water flow. Inside is a ball with a hole in it. When the hole is aligned with the pipe, water goes through it.


Gate valve

Where you want to make sensitive flow adjustments, use a gate valve. Turning the handle lifts or lowers a barrier inside of the valve. Lifted barrier allows water to flow freely, when lowered, it stops the water flow completely. You can regulate the barrier to any size opening to change water flow.


Three-way or diverter valve

This water valve has one inlet and two outlets. Turning the handle position changes the balance of flow between the two outlets. Use it when one pump is operating two spill-ways of waterfall.

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