August 4, 2009

Backyard Waterfall Without A Pond

There are many nice backyard waterfall ideas.

Some people dream about a waterfall and a pond with fish or frogs near their house. Others enjoy just the pond or a pondless backyard waterfall.


It is becoming popular among families with kids and pets to have just a waterfall in their backyard.

It doesn’t require as much maintenance as backyard waterfall and pond.

It is easier to install because there is no need to dig a large hole in your backyard, control algae or water quality.

It looks amazing. You hear the sound of falling water, but you don’t maintain the hassle because you don’t have water pond in your backyard. Still waterfall is for real.


You might wonder how to build backyard waterfall. All you need is backyard waterfall kits. You dig a hole for pump vault that is pretty small compared to a pond. This vault holds your waterfall pumps.


Then you build up a mound that you decorate with stones. Your backyard waterfall design is up to your imagination. Just don’t forget to leave some room at the top of your waterfall.

It is required for the filter that will clean your water. This filter has a spillway. This is where the water starts falling.


You should lay out underlay and liners starting at the spillway top and going down to the pump vault hole. After this, you insert the vault into the hole. Your waterfall will circulate flowing down the liner and coming up through the pump vault.


You can finish installation by inserting the pump into the pump vault and connecting it to the water filter.

Then you close the lid of you pond vault. Now you may run your own waterfall.


Enjoy this falling beauty in your backyard!

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